November 13-17 is World Antibiotic Awareness Week

We know it’s frustrating – you go to the doctor and you know you need an antibiotic – why won’t they just give you one?

Or – you are absolutely certain your pet has a UTI and it just makes you so frustrated that your veterinarian wants to run a $140 urine culture. Why??

We know. Antibiotics are miracle drugs. Before them, cancer patients would suffer from secondary infectious due to the need for immunosuppressives, childhood and maternal mortality rates were much higher, organ transplants were not an option and people would die from wounds that are now treatable. Treatable. Because we have antibiotics that work. But microbes change, they mutate, they adapt. Your medical doctor and your veterinarian have a responsibility to do their part and continue to protect these life saving medications. Your veterinarian and your doctor have a professional obligation to practice good antibiotic stewardship and use these medications judiciously.

Imagine if they didn’t.

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