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Open regular business hours

At Veterinary Urgent Care Centers, we recognize that we have a responsibility to provide medical care for our patients (your fur babies) yet as veterinarians, we also have an obligation to protect and promote public health. We have enacted the following hospital policies to be here for pets in need, while protecting our staff and the public:

  1. Hospital team members and patients (your pet) only in our buildings.
  2. Please make all appointments online using the schedule online or book now buttons on our website and social media pages.
  3. Upon arrival to our hospitals, our doors will be locked, please call the front office to notify us of your arrival.
  4. Our friendly receptionist will escort your pet into the building for triage.  Please, for the safety of our staff, their families, as well as you and your families, please attempt to maintain 6-10 feet of distance per CDC recommendations.
  5. One of our veterinary nurses will call you to obtain the medical history. Please have your phone and charger with you.
  6. The veterinarian will perform your pets exam and contact you with a treatment plan, including expected costs by phone. Please remain in our parking lot during your pets visit unless discussed otherwise with the veterinary team.
  7. Once diagnostics, treatments, and medications are ready, your pet will be discharged to you, in the parking lot. Again, please maintain appropriate social distancing.

We are happy to be here to meet your veterinary needs during these challenging times. Rest assured, we will get through this. This too shall pass.