Designer breeding = Puppy Plastic Surgery

We agree – Sharpei’s and Frenchies are irresistibly ADORABLE. But before you decide to
bring one of these super cute little pups home, you should know that may be getting more than you bargained for. Chronic eye infections, eye ulcerations, skin infections and breathing problems are commonplace for these super cute smushy face and wrinkly pups. As they grow older they more often experience medical problems related to their breeding. Sadly, many clients learn this the hard way. And sometimes, caregivers may not recognize the problem at all. If you have a dog like this, take a look at their eyes, their ears, their skin. Does anything look abnormal? Is their skin red or itchy? Are they squinting their eyes or have chronic “tears”? Do they shake their head? Lick their feet?

If the answer is ‘yes’, or even ‘sometimes’, we are here to help you, and your pup, feel better. If you have a dog that has  any of the above concerns, we are happy to help get them in right away. Call or book online now!