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Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Just a couple quick reminders from your friendly neighborhood veterinary team:

  1. Don’t leave your pets outdoors – please bring all dogs and cats inside. They cannot tolerate weather this cold
  2. We don’t recommend you take your pets in the car either – everyone knows not to leave your pet in a hot car in the summer. The same is true in the winter, it can get extremely cold in closed cars very quickly.
  3. Bundle up! Small dogs, short haired dogs and especially puppies need extra warmth
  4. Consider some footwear – ice melt, rock salt, and ice can wreak havoc on your pets feet!
  5. Antifreeze – this tastes sweet and causes acute kidney failure in both dogs and cats. Cats have a particularly low tolerance. Clean up spills and keep your pets AWAY!

Here are some more tips from our friends at the AVMA: