My husband & daughter brought my very sick baby in to your office on Sunday.  She was scheduled for emergency surgery on Monday & I am 100% convinced she wouldn’t have made it without your care.
Our vet had prescribed oral antibiotics but she wasn’t eating or drinking & could not keep them down.
Your office gave her fluids & a shot of antibiotics & she pulled through.  She’s 13 so we really didn’t know how it would turn out but they were extremely comforted & said the vet that treated her was very kind & encouraging so thank you for that.
I’m attaching a picture of her with my husband when he went to visit her on Tuesday (twice lol)!
She came home yesterday & our family is once again complete😀
I have already recommended your office to others.

Donna, Steve & Bridget & Maggie!



Jax has been seeing Dr. Christie D’Andrea for over two years and she has treated him well. This is a doctor that understands Jax and his temperament and has a great ability to put Jax at ease, which puts me at ease. Thank you Dr. D’Andrea!


Logan and Kinsey

URGENT CARE for pets, this is THE PLACE TO GO! Veterinary Urgent Care Center is pet nirvana when it comes to pet urgent care, it is the place to go when your pet doesn’t need all of the services for life threatening conditions of a pet emergency department. Dr. Christie D’Andrea has taken care of our dogs for many years, and has consistently provided our dogs with skilled, compassionate, expert care. I think she’s the first in the Boston area to open the veterinary equivalent of a human Urgent Care Center (like CVS Minute Clinic), Veterinary Urgent Care Center has hours when your Veterinarian’s office may be closed or they are unable to fit you into their schedule. In my experience, the Pet Emergency Departments in the area charge $150.00 to walk in the door, plus, plus, and plus. Veterinary Urgent Care Center is a much more affordable alternative, with expert veterinary care. We’d return to see Dr. D’Andrea, without giving the thought more than a second of thinking. I highly recommend Veterinary Urgent Care Center in Quincy.


Lucy, Gus & Willy

Our dogs have been patients of Dr. D’Andreas for the past few years. When we found out she was opening her own practice, we were so thrilled. We drive 45 minutes just so she can continue to care for them. HIGHLY recommend! Dr. D and her staff are the best!


Max & Jimmy

The environment was calm, the staff was kind and knowledgeable, the price was right and, their hours are great!!!!
We are making this place our new vet!
No more time off work needed-
They were very clear with instructions and dosage amounts for meds. The best part is that everyone stops their tasks to actively listen to your concerns 🙂
Amazing people. Jimmy an Max will be back!!!


My beloved Tokyo had a terrible accident. I was so concerned and stressed out. I searched for a place that was open on a Saturday night after 8:00 pm. We called the Veterinary Urgent Care Center in Quincy and the assistant whom answered the phone was very calm and knowledgeable. Tokyo was seen right away first by the nurse – who by the way was so great with him. I can’t even describe how they helped him calm down and made both of us feel so welcomed. Then he was examined by Dr. D’Andrea who is Simply The Best a true “GOD SENT”! Dr. D’Andrea is very professional and caring and I will never go anywhere else for Tokyo. She has a patient for life after tonight. It is a wonderful urgent care center that goes above and beyond. Very competent, courteous, personable, and the quality of care is excellent. They are extremely affordable and if you have ever been to an emergency pet clinic you pay at least $150.00 to be seen. Then you pay for all other services needed. To be seen at VUCC it is almost half of that price so you can already figure how your money is going such a longer way towards the care of your pet at the Center. The clinic is immaculate, pleasant and conveniently located. The entire staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs and all are very proactive in the care of pets.



Had a wonderful experience with Dr D’Andrea and her staff at VUCC. We brought our dog in for a paw injury and could not have been happier with the care our dog received and how friendly and professional the staff were. We were brought into an exam room promptly and the office and exam rooms are immaculate – very clean, bright and welcoming. Dr. D’Andrea was great with our dog and didn’t recommend any unnecessary treatments. All in all a great experience and we will definitely be back.

Fuzzy and Peanut

Two of our cats came down with a respiratory illness that hit them hard. Brought them both in tonight. We received wonderful care from Dr. D’Andrea and her staff. We appreciated her knowledge and clinical reasoning/approach and model of vet care/medicine. Hoping to not require urgent care anytime soon, but will definitely use VUCC again if the need arises. Will also plan to use VUUC for future wellness needs. We highly recommend Dr. D’Andrea and VUCC.


First time visit to VUCC this evening and it was fantastic! My dog, Mac, had a double ear infection and the vet we usually bring him to had no availability until next week. The vet tech brought us into a room as soon as we checked in and didn’t need to wait long to be examed by Dr. D’Andrea. The price of the visit along with antibiotics was very reasonable. The hours at VUCC are great too as I work during the week and can’t usually take off for vet visits. Highly recommended if you want professional service for your furry friend at a price that won’t break the bank! Thanks again!